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When to use?

bActivate – a diagnostic aid for the problem mare

bActivate can help establish a correct diagnosis in the chronically infected mare. bActivate initiates growth of resident dormant streptococci, which the can be diagnosed and treated by standard techniques.

Chronic infections prevent establishment of a pregnancy, and might also increase the risk of early fetal loss and abortion in the mare. Our studies indicate that 50-75% of problem mares not pregnant by the end of the breeding season, despite breeding to fertile stallions and supervised by experienced veterinarians, are chronically infected.

Some farms use bActivate as a screening tool to improve diagnosis of endometritis and treatment on all open mares during the off-season, hereby optimizing chances to establish a pregnancy and reduce time to pregnancy.

Repeated uterine infections indicate compromised uterine defense mechanisms predisposing for establishment of infections – acute as well as chronic. As chronic infections can be hard to identify bActivate should be considered for this group of problem mares.

Endometrial fibrosis is induced by ongoing endometrial inflammation. Presence of beta-hemolytic streptococci within the endometrium is expected to induce endometrial inflammation, hereby increasing uterine fibrosis, and consequently decreasing fertility. If endometrial fibrosis can be minimized the number of foals each mare can produce in a lifetime is expected to increase.


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