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Facilitate mare pregnancy​

Problem getting your mare in foal?
bActivate is the best solution.

70-80% of all problem mares carry a hidden uterine infection with a clear negative effect on fertility

How bActivate works

bActivate offers a clever solution, how to deal with the barren mares.

Endometritis is the diagnosis for the infection that often leads to a barren mare.

With bActivate, the dormant bacteria in the uterine lining are activated. bActivate is a biological growth medium, awakeing and stimulating bacterial growth.

48 hours later you have a highly active streptococcus, and now the veterinarian can detect the streptococcus and treat it targeted and effectively.


What is bActivate?

bActivate is a bacterial growth medium able of re-activating dormant streptococcal infections in the uterus of brood mares.


When to use?

5-15% of all mares are not pregnant at the end of the breeding season, despite fertilised stallions and supervised by experienced veterinarians.


How to use?

bActivate is to be used in mares with reduced uterine defense mechanisms and in mares suspected of having a chronic subclinical infection.


Our products

The concept behind bActivate (promoting bacterial-activation) was discovered by Morten Rønn Petersen, DVM, PhD and Professor Anders Miki Bojesen, DVM, PhD. They both have extensive experience with bacterial endometritis in mares and have published several scientic paper on the subject.

The Men Behind bActivate

Ten percent of all mares struggle to get in foal. Now two Danish researchers have identified what might be wrong and produced a product, which can facilitate diagnostics. Veterinarians at the world’s largest equine hospital in Kentucky have successfully tested the product.

News at bActivate​

New Freeze dried formulation – reduced prize, easy storage at 5°C and 2 years shelf life

New freeze dried formulation available throughout the world